Monday, September 5, 2011

Mt. Rainier National Park, Burroughs Mountain 1, 2, & 3 : 9/05/2011

Mount Adams can be viewed on a clear day from the Sunrise viewpoint facing south.

Starting off another glorious day hike!!

I took the Sourdough Ridge trail to Burroughs Mountain trail.

View of Mt. Rainier from the Sourdough Ridge trail.

Heading up to First Burroughs. "Caution steep icy slopes ahead. Ice axe recommended"

Mountain Goats on ridge line of First Burroughs

Thankfully a very kind gentleman used his ice axe to break up the tracks to allow for an easier, safer route. These snowfields were tremendously treacherous this morning as they were frozen over solid. Care must be taking when hiking in this area. I believe many people underestimate the danger that exists. Just 2 days ago someone was very badly injured after falling.

Trail from Second to Third Burroughs.


Little Tahoma

Winthrop Glacier from atop Third Burroughs.

Closer view of Winthrop Glacier.

Me, atop Third Burroughs.

A few of the folks (a Russian on vacation and a father/daughter) I met above Third Burroughs.... glissading down the mountain.

The "unmarked" trail you travel to and from Third Burroughs.

Trail from Second Burroughs to First Burroughs. Note: Frozen Lake in the center of the picture.

Snowfield on First Burroughs was definitely easier to travel in the afternoon as the sun allowed for some thawing. This in turn allowed for better grip on the snow.

Frozen Lake

I then took the Wonderland trail towards Shadow Lake.

Wildflowers on the Wonderland Trail.

Mt. Rainier from the Wonderland Trail nearing Sunrise Camp.

Shadow Lake


Tatoosh Mountains

I then headed down the Emmons Vista/Silver Forest trail to kill a bit more time before heading home.

Emmons Vista

Back to the parking lot......time to head home.

I finally made it to Third Burroughs!!! I was glad for such a beautiful sunny Labor day. (Nothing beats having a day off work, execpt maybe a day off work with hiking involved.) I took the Sourdogh Ridge trail past Frozen Lake to the Burroughs Mountain trail.

The snowfields up to First Burroughs were difficult as the were frozen solid. I was thankful that the park rangers were notifying people of the danger, as I have seen many people unprepared for the conditions. Just two days ago someone fell from one those snowfields atop First Burroughs and was badly injured.

I really enjoyed the views from atop Third Burroughs, Winthrop Glacier is an amazing sight to behold. Unfortunately, the views to the north were not as good as last week due to heavy smog from forest fire on the Olympic Penninsula.

Start Time: 08:51 am
 End Time: 16:50 pm
Estimated Time on trail: 7 hours 40 minutes
Estimated time hiking: 6.5 hours
Approximate Distance: 10.43 miles
Average Speed: 1.6 miles/hour
Peak Elevation: 7,844 feet
Elevation Gain: 1,439 feet
Elevation Loss: 178 feet

Driving Directions: From Enumclaw,WA drive east 43 miles on State Route 410 to the Mount Rainier National Park White River Entrance. Veer right onto the Sunrise Road and follow it 17 miles west to the large parking lot and visitor center at the road's end.

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  1. Hey, I think I saw you - my husband and I were getting ready in the parking lot at the same time as you (I was going backpacking, he was dayhiking with me to Skyscraper Peak). Those snowfields on Burroughs looked pretty treacherous from below, especially the long one that went from snow to rocks to cliffs...ugh!

  2. @ Ingunn.....Glad to see you were out enjoying the mountains on such a beautiful day.