Sunday, April 15, 2012

Independence Pass: Aspen, Colorado 3/3/2012

Independence Pass trailhead.

Cam joins us for a hike to get out of shopping with his family.


Even though it was quite windy but I enjoyed getting out to stretch my legs.

Matt and Cam

Matt, Cam and I took a short hike up independence pass today. It was a nice way to get out of the house and see an different part of Aspen. Independence Pass is a roadway that becomes closed during the winter months. We hike a little more than 4 miles round trip. The weather was a bit blustery but it was still a lot of fun.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snowboarding Aspen, Colorado 3/1-3/6/2012

Snowboarding down "Big Burn" at Aspen Snowmass on 3/2/2012.

"Sam's Knob" Chairlift taken from the "Dallas Freeway" run.

Matt, making it look easy!

Aspen Highlands 3/4/212

Pyramid Peak, seen from Aspen Highlands.

Me, enjoying the sunshine!

Nothing beats hanging out with a good friend on the mountain!

Most unusual ski helmet I've ever laid eyes on!

Matt; Snowmass 3/5/2012.

Kayleen joins us at Snowmass.

Elk Camp chairlift.


Kayleen and I grab a beer after a long day of snowboarding at Snowmass.

Buttermilk 3/6/2012

West Buttermilk Express chairlift.

Pyramid Peak from Buttermilk's "Upper Tierack" chairlift.

I had a wonderful time on my second annual trip to Aspen. As per usual the snow conditions were wonderful. Nothing even remotely close to the "Cascade Concrete" I'm so used to snowboarding on. I got to spend time with some wonderful friends Matt and Kayleen. My only gripe would be that it didn't last nearly long enough. Guess that means I'll just have to return in the future.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mailbox Peak 2/26/2012


Snow blanketed everything!

It snowed throughout our entire ascent.

Jan and Alex

Me, Alex and Alastair (Photo taken by Jan)

Alex and Jan climbing up towards the summit.

The sun even graced us with its presence in the afternoon.

Me and Bao under blue skies during the final push towards the summit.



Our group at the summit! (Left to Right: Bao, Me, Alastair, Jason and Alex. Photo taken by Jan)

Dirtybox Peak

Jason and Dirtybox Peak

The sun made the summit quite warm!

Headed back down. (Me, Jason and Alex. Photo taken by Jan)

Lunch time!! (Left to Right: Jason, Me, Alastair and Bao. Photo taken by Jan. Alex not pictured)

Beautiful views!


Finally, the road towards home.

My newly acquired Nalgene bottle injury.
My friends and I went for a hike up Mailbox Peak today due to really high avalanche danger elsewhere. I had never been on this particular trail, but I had my fears. Locally it is known to be quite grueling. Perhaps it is the 4000ft of elevation gain in 3 miles. Or maybe is the sign at the trailhead that reads: "Mailbox Peak Trail is a very steep, wet, unmaintained, difficult, challenging trail ... Search and rescue teams are frequently called to this trail to assist distressed hikers. Please respect your own ability." But despite my fears I found the hike to be enjoyable. I did however prefer the hike up rather then the descent. The descent was tricky at best with slick snow covered tree roots and the eroded soil. Even with microspikes I fell a least a dozen times. One time in particular  was quite painful as I fell onto my nalgene water bottle and bruised my ribcage. Despite the perils of this trail I look forward to attempting it again.

Driving Directions: From Seattle, drive east on I-90 to exit 34 (Edgewick Road). Turn left (north) onto 468th Street and follow it to the junction with the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road (Forest Road 56). Turn right and continue up the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road to the end of the pavement (about 3 miles from the I-90 exit). Turn right onto a gated road and park, being sure not to block the gate.